It has several models of mattresses, with many materials and different heights, ok? But in addition to the heights, densities and the many types of springs and foams, there are other qualities that your mattress can have. And for you not to get lost with so many different names, look at the explanation for these terms at!

One-side: mattresses that have only one face. So, just turn the part on the headboard to the feet and vice versa every 30 days and it will stay straight for a long time!

Pillow Top: is the mattress that has an extra layer on the top to make it even softer and comfortable, okay?

Orthopedic mattress: it is firmer than most to lessen the pressure on your body while you sleep. He leaves his body lined up! Just be careful, because not every hard mattress is orthopedic, see? And before using one of these, it’s cool to talk to your orthopedist.

The Orthopedic Mattress Is Ideal For Those Who Have Back Pain

Magnetic Mattress: it uses materials with technology to reduce pain, improves circulation and prevents wear on bones and spine, have you?

Antiallergic: they are materials that do not take fungi, bacteria and even accumulate mites! They are ideal for those who suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis or asthma.

Foam Type and Density of Mattress

When buying a foam bed, it is important to check if the density chosen is in accordance with your biotype.

In addition, the type of foam should be considered. Currently there are technologies  that activate blood circulation, do not deform, regulate body temperature, etc.

Pillow Top

The pillow top is an extra foam layer (usually 10cm) that is placed on the mattress. The goal is to ensure even more comfort to users.

Which Model to Choose?

Now that you have known the key features of a box bed, simply choose the model that best meets your personal needs. Of course, the more technologically efficient the product, the higher its cost is. However, remember that the quality of sleep is synonymous with a healthier and happier life. It is good to remember that, in addition to the above tips, it is crucial to choose a quality manufacturer before buying bed box. Whenever possible, also test the selected mattress in the physical store.