With springs, memory or latex: here are the main models for choosing the right mattress. We will analyze together the main characteristics of the spring mattress, in memory or latex. When you go to an online store, explain your needs so that the consultant can guide you in choosing the right mattress for your characteristics and tastes.

All about spring mattresses

Spring Mattress: How to Choose the Right Mattress

The spring mattresses are divided into traditional springs and independent springs and pocket. The first ones were used more in the past years: these mattresses have springs in steel that, joined together, made the mattress more rigid and suitable to support greater weights. A traditional spring mattress , to be considered an excellent product, as well as having resistant springs , also has a padding made of quality materials and a thickness that isolates the body from direct contact with the springs. Support for independent and pocket springs it is the evolution of the traditional spring.

Each spring is “independent” and, thanks also to the processing of differentiated zones, it adapts perfectly to the different pressures exerted by the body; this certainly guarantees the spine to take a correct position. This mattress, even better if combined with a layer of surface memory is one of the most performing and required supports on the market.

How important is the amount of springs in a mattress?

In mattresses with independent springs, the number of springs is very important for the choice of a product, as it also determines the rigidity and reception of the mattress. For those who prefer more support it is preferable to have a mattress with a quantity of springs between 700 and 1000; for those who love hospitality instead, it is advisable to have a mattress with a greater number of springs, usually between 1600 and 3000. In conclusion, the higher the number of springs that make up the mattress, the greater will be the welcome and comfort that this offers. Find out how to choose the best spring mattress at sleepjunkie.marketing.